February 24th, 2012

Hadley Holliday - Blissed-Out | 2011 | acrylic on canvas | 60" x 54"

Lilian Min previews Hadley Holliday’s exhibition “Warp and Weft” on Refinery 29.

When we hear the term “weaving,” we tend to think in terms of mats or baskets — not wall-hangings. But that’s the exactly what CalArts-trained L.A. artist Hadley Holliday’s intricately patterned acrylic paintings are. Woven. Sort of.

Each one builds on the idea of interlocking shapes and forms, and the end product is a serious sight to behold. Holliday’s handcrafted creations take one general color and, in a series of sculpted ripples, create abstract, fluid forms that force the viewer to confront positive and negative space, busy movement, serene reflection, mythical origins, and modern creation.

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