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Wednesday, December 10th, 2008

BASEL 24/7: Linlee Allen shares a diary of a typical day during Art Basel Miami Beach. “At Aqua Wynwood I’m floored by L.A. artist Frohawk Two Feathers and his latest offerings….”

On View at Aqua Wynwood: Claire Oswalt, Extended Handshake

Saturday, December 6th, 2008

Claire Oswalt
Extended Handshake, 2008
Graphite, Wood, paper, twine motorized
26″ x 20.5″
Courtesy the Artist and Taylor De Cordoba, Los Angeles
On View at Aqua Wynwood, Taylor De Cordoba, Booth #5


Friday, December 5th, 2008

Pen with New Attitude No. 235

Monday, December 1st, 2008

by Chinami Inaishi. Article covering Los Angeles galleries.

Taylor De Cordoba exhibiting at Aqua Miami Wynwood

Sunday, November 23rd, 2008

We’re happy to announce our participation in the upcoming Aqua Art Miami at Wynwood, December 3-7, 2008. The gallery will feature new work by Sasha Bezzubov & Jessica Sucher, Kimberly Brooks, Ryan Callis, Kyle Field, Charlene Liu, Melissa Manfull, Claire Oswalt, Jeana Sohn & Frohawk Two Feathers.

AQUA WYNWOOD – December 3-7
42 NE 25th St, Miami

VIP Preview
Tuesday, December 2: 5-8pm

Dec. 3, 11 am – 3 pm
Dec. 4/5/6, 11 am – 7 pm
Dec. 7, 11 am – 4 pm

The Zoseria at Aqua

An installation by Frohawk Two Feathers

Los Angeles-based, Frohawk Two Feathers work is at the confluence of graffiti, folk art and 19th century portraiture. Frohawk is creating a large decorated pyramid that will be installed in the outdoor courtyard at Aqua Wynwood. The Zoseria at Aqua is presented by House of Campari. Courtesy Taylor De Cordoba, Los Angeles.

Please note special gallery hours: the gallery will be open by appointment only during the Thanksgiving holiday and Art Basel Miami, beginning Thursday November 27th. We will resume normal gallery hours on Tuesday December 9th.

2660 S La Cienega Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90034

(310) 559-9156 tel
(310) 559-9157 fax

Taylor De Cordoba Fall News

Sunday, November 16th, 2008

We’re happy to announce our participation in the upcoming Aqua Art Miami at Wynwood, December 3-7, 2008. The gallery will feature new work by gallery-represented artists, including Frohawk Two Feathers, Jeana Sohn, Charlene Liu and Kimberly Brooks.

Taylor De Cordoba is currently exhibiting large scale color photographs by Sasha Bezzubov and Jessica Sucher from their new series, The Searchers. To create this body of work, the artists spent one year in India on a Fulbright Scholarship exploring western spiritual tourism. The exhibit has been featured in V Magazine and Angeleno, and will be reviewed in the forthcoming issue of THE Magazine. The exhibition closes December 20th.

Sasha Bezzubov‘s upcoming book, Wildfire, will be released in January 2009 by Nazraeli Press. Signed copies will be available at the gallery. Please contact us to pre-order.

Kimberly Brooks was the subject of an Artist Profile in a recent issue of art ltd Magazine. Brooks was also selected by Rita Gonzalez, Assistant Curator at LACMA, for inclusion in the upcoming West Coast edition of New American Paintings.

Kyle Field‘s recent exhibition More Country Questions was reviewed in art ltd by Allison Gibson. We have signed copies of his book Put It In A Nutshell, along with two new albums by his bands Little Wings and Be Gulls. Please contact us to place an order.

Virgil de Voldere gallery in Chelsea recently concluded a successfull solo show by Charlene Liu. We’re thrilled to be exhibiting her work in Miami.

Taylor De Cordoba was recently featured in Elle Magazine and in LA2DAY.

Please note special gallery hours: the gallery will be open by appointment only during the Thanksgiving holiday and Art Basel Miami, beginning Thursday November 27th. We will resume normal gallery hours on Tuesday December 9th.


Saturday, October 25th, 2008

Sasha Bezzubov & Jessica Sucher: The Searchers
November 1 – December 20, 2008

Opening Reception: Saturday November 1, 2008 6pm-8pm

Taylor De Cordoba is pleased to present The Searchers, the West coast debut of a new series of photographs by the collaborative team of Sasha Bezzubov and Jessica Sucher. The exhibition will run from November 1 – December 20, 2008. The gallery will host an opening reception for the artists on Saturday, November 1 from 6pm-8pm.

The Searchers is a series of large-scale photographs examining Western spiritual tourism in India. Bezzubov and Sucher investigate the magnetic pull of India’s rich religious history and the utopian communities that cater to Western seekers. While exploring yoga centers, meditation retreats and ashrams, the artists straddle the line between observers and participants. The project results in distinct groupings: spatially astounding interiors, bizarre landscapes, and portraits of those who simultaneously appear both lost and found. The connecting thread is the visual strangeness and cultural collisions inherent in this phenomenon. This series includes photographs taken at the Osho Meditation Resort in Pune and the Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Dhanwantari Ashram in Nayyar Dam, Kerala.

With The Searchers, the artists build on themes explored in their previous bodies of work, specifically Expats and Natives (Bezzubov and Sucher) and The Gringo Project (Bezzubov). These previous projects center around young Western travelers exploring developing countries and how the relationship to one’s host country relates to larger issues of race, class, and identity.

New York-based Sasha Bezzubov and Jessica Sucher have been collaborating since 2002. In 2006, they spent a year in India on a Fulbright Scholarship Award for their project, The Searchers. Their work has previously been exhibited in Miami, Los Angeles, New York, The Netherlands.

KYLE FIELD: More Country Questions

Saturday, September 6th, 2008

Kyle Field: More Country Questions

September 6 – October 25, 2008
Opening Reception: Saturday September 6, 2008 6pm-8pm

Taylor De Cordoba is pleased to present More Country Questions, a new body of ink and watercolor works on paper by San Francisco-based musician and artist, Kyle Field. The exhibition will run from September 6 – October 25, 2008.  The gallery will host a reception for the artist on Saturday September 6 from 6-8PM.

For his second solo exhibition at Taylor De Cordoba, Field explores the intersection of nature and commerce thru the convergence of personal experiences, inside jokes, imaginary creatures and imagined advertising. Frogs, snakes, worms, snails and turtles wander within a landscape of billboards, logos and symbols of commercialism. Taking in the visual (over)stimulation of the modern world and spinning it on it’s head, Field absorbs content from all over, blending vague narratives that can be read in all directions. The effect is an elegant non-sequitor that manages to critique the aimless pursuit of false desires and goals that bombard us daily.

In “Rats In A Huddle”, Field uses sports imagery to unravel the unquestioned importance of such activities. Imitating a television broadcast, the words “Video Superbowl Online” hang above a huddle of players with slogans on their jerseys reading “ready to take orders sir”, “okay I can” or “Dad’s Favorite Lineman.” At the center, the coach instructs his players while holding a clipboard and wearing a headset. The coach can easily be a general, and the players can be soldiers, and the game can be war.

Field leaves it to the viewer to put the pieces together and form their own meaning. In other drawings, creatures act as fragile guides for us to navigate and disassociate from the background noise of consumer culture. Bumper stickers act as monuments of self expression and identity in in defiance of corporate (r)advertisement. It is precisely the gaps in meaning and explanation and visual incompleteness that make the work compelling. The effect is to remind the viewer of their own place in society, as a consumer of culture and a target of commercialism.

COVER VERSION curated by Timothy Hull

Saturday, June 28th, 2008

Cover Version: Curated by Timothy Hull
June 28 – August 9, 2008
Opening Reception: Saturday June 28th, 2008 6pm-9pm

“I suggest that the only books that influence us are those for which we are ready, and which have gone a little farther down a particular path than we have yet go ourselves.”  E.M. Forster

Taylor De Cordoba is pleased to present Cover Version, a group exhibition curated by NY-based artist Timothy Hull. Hull has asked approximately twenty artists from around the country to create their own version of the cover of their favorite book. The only parameters are that the piece must be average book size and include the title and author in the composition. Scott Hug, Mathew Cerletty, Kadar Brock, Jennifer Sullivan, Ryan Callis and Frohawk Two Feathers are among the participating artists. The exhibition will run from June 28 – August 9. The gallery will host an opening reception on Saturday June 28 from 6-9PM.

Cover Version focuses on the idea of book cover as inadvertent cultural symbol and indicator of taste. Visually, the front of a book must illuminate the content or emotional resonance of the book within a moment’s glance, regardless of actual content. Although we have idiomatically been reminded NOT to judge a book by its cover, often this is precisely how we choose them. Thus, publishing companies have known covers to play a crucial role in creating the aura of a book, becoming the icon and the symbol, which tells us not only what but how we will read. Famous book covers become as culturally important and layered as the book itself; J.D. Salinger’s yellow and red cover for The Catcher in Rye for instance or Germano Facetti’s iconic covers for Penguin.

The act of making an idiosyncratic copy of a book cover is in essence a ‘cover of a cover,’ to use the popular music term or a “cover version” as the title of the show suggests. This meaning can be both metaphoric and literal. In a cover, the song is reinterpreted and rearranged to suit the message or need of the performer. It is also an associative indicator of taste, as the performer of the cover is thus associated with the preconceived approval of the song as being part of a canon. Likewise, the cover of a preferred book will be either copied or created anew to give a wholly different interpretation of the visual essence of the book, as well as to associate the spirit and cultural capital of the book towards the artist. The act of choosing plays an important role in this exhibition; the choice being as compelling as the cover. Artists will be re-imagining the covers of To The Lighthouse by Virginia Woolf, Moby Dick by Herman Melville, Breakfast of Champions by Kurt Vonnegut, A Lover’s Discourse: Fragments by Roland Barthes and The Book of Mormon, among others.


Saturday, June 21st, 2008

Frohawk Two Feathers wrote and illustrated a six page piece in the new issue of Flaunt Magazine. Click HERE and scroll down to Flaunt to download the story.