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Tuesday, June 26th, 2012

Gallery artist Kyle Field is the subject of an article by Eric Puchner in the May issue of GQ Magazine, entitled “The Cooler Me.”

“Not too long ago, I was sitting backstage at the Great American Music Hall in San Francisco and drinking beer with my doppelgänger, a 39-year-old singer-songwriter named Kyle Field. Or rather, I was drinking beer by myself while he entertained his fans, most of whom seemed to be half his age. Despite his best efforts, he’d failed to conceal his grizzly good looks. He was very tan, had a big amber beard, and was wearing a sea captain’s hat that somehow added to his charm. There are not many grown men out there who can wear a captain’s hat and not look like a member of the Village People, but my doppelgänger is one of them. He spotted me through the haze of pot smoke and lifted his beer, and I lifted mine back. We were the oldest people in the room—perhaps the whole club. And yet we’d entered some alternate universe: a Neverland where no one aged or had children or worried about pesky bourgeois things, like brain cells or health insurance.”

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KYLE FIELD: Huffington Post

Tuesday, June 26th, 2012

Yasmine Mohseni reviews the group exhibition “Greetings”, featuring work by gallery artist Kyle Field at the Brachfeld Gallery in Paris for the Huffington Post.

“Ed Brachfeld is an American in Paris who, in addition to having an art and fashion production company, opened a gallery in 2008. For his current show, he turned to curator-food blogger-photographer and woman-about-town Danielle Rubi to select a group of artists. Danielle invited three California-based artists, Kyle Field, Nathaniel Russell and Alia Shawkat to an artist’s residence in Burgundy to create work for the show, which explores the literal and abstracted meanings of a greeting. And the plot thickens — Fine artist is merely one of the job descriptions adopted by these three multi-talented individuals. Kyle has been performing and recording for years under the name Little Wings and Nat plays and records music under the name Birds Of America. Alia is a singer and actress, best known for her portrayal of Maeby in Arrested Development, one of the best television shows ever to air. The result is an eclectic and fun exhibition, which was kicked off by an equally fun and very well-attended opening featuring music, drinks and, of course, art. And let’s not forget there was an after party. Where? Paris’ only good Mexican restaurant Candelaria, of course. What else would you expect from a group of self-respecting Californians?!”

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FROHAWK TWO FEATHERS: Frohawk Two Feathers: We Buy Gold, We Buy Everything, We Sell Souls, at MCA Denver

Wednesday, June 20th, 2012

June 21 – September 9, 2012

Taylor De Cordoba is thrilled to announce that MCA Denver will present the first solo museum exhibition dedicated to the work of Frohawk Two Feathers, the pseudonym for L.A.-based artist Umar Rashid. The exhibition, entitled Frohawk Two Feathers: We Buy Gold, We Buy Everything, We Sell Souls, will be on view from June 21, 2012 through September 9, 2012, and feature more than 20 paintings, works on paper and sculpture. Over the course of his career, Frohawk Two Feathers has created works that provide a magnificent re-imagining of history, narrating the story of Frengland, his fictionalized empire of a combined France and England. His drawings are detailed accounts of the traditions and rituals associated with the Frenglish leaders and culture, confronting issues of racism, power, greed, and ideological opposition within an invented period during the eighteenth century. By re-imagining colonial history, his work shows the subjective nature of historical recollection.

Co-curated by Nora Burnett Abrams and Tricia Robson, the presentation at MCA Denver focuses on key characters and battles from the initial formation and early expansion of Frengland, as well as subsequent imperial conquests and campaigns against the crown. Rooted in this early history, the artist produced new works for this exhibition that further develop the complex narrative of the Frenglish empire, expanding the scope of his earlier work to North America and linking the narrative of Frengland to Colorado.

The exhibition’s opening celebration kicks off Thursday, June 21, 2012, at 6PM for members and 8PM for non-members. The museum’s hours will be extended until midnight (12AM, Friday, June 22), with special events surrounding the summer solstice, including a rap performance with Superdeluxe featuring Umar Rashid and Micah James.

The exhibition is sponsored in part by Tina Walls, MCA Denver’s Director’s Vision Society members, and the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts. We would also like to further thank the citizens of the Scientific and Cultural Facilities District.





CHRIS NATROP: Exhibition in Maine

Tuesday, June 12th, 2012

Los Angeles-based installation artist Chris Natrop transforms the Zillman Gallery into a mesmerizing environment of gleaming free form cutouts created from mirrored Plexiglas and acid-cut brass.  His wall-based Duplex Mirror Rush is composed of multiple elements of intricately shaped mirrors installed in the corner of the gallery. The silhouette shapes, which are derived from the artist’s original large-cut paper compositions, are digitally altered.

In much of his work, Natrop uses a utility knife to spontaneously cut away a large sheet of paper to create forms that reference plants and hanging vegetation.

After establishing himself in the San Francisco art scene, Chris Natrop moved to Los Angeles in 2005. With exhibitions at notable museums, galleries and art centers under his belt, it’s safe to say that the city of angels has welcomed his exquisite hand-cut multimedia installations with open arms.  Chris Natrop has been represented by Taylor De Cordoba since 2009.

Chris Natrop’s new work is on view at Umaine Museum of Art, 40 Harlow Street Bangor, ME 04401

June 22 – September 15, 2012


THE ACCELERATED RUIN: A Public Art Project at BAM (Brooklyn Academy of Music) by Timothy Hull and Future Expansion Architects

Tuesday, June 12th, 2012


Taylor De Cordoba is proud to tell you about a monumental outdoor public art sculpture that Timothy Hull has been commissioned to create on BAM’s (Brooklyn Academy of Music) campus in downtown Brooklyn. The piece is titled ‘The Accelerated Ruin’ and he has collaborated with Future Expansion Architects on its design and construction. Last fall, they created a proposal in response to an open call and went up against a panel, competing with over 100 entries and were fortunately chosen to complete this ambitious project. The work is to be unveiled on Tuesday, June 19th from 6-9pm and the location of the sculpture is 651 Fulton Street, next to the BAM Harvey Theater. The sculpture will be visible for a one-year period, so if you can’t make the opening there will be plenty of time to see it.

And you will want to visit it many times because the concept is that the sculpture completely disintegrates/collapses over the course of a year and therefore is in a constant state of change. The substructure of the piece is comprised of over 250 soaring aluminum rods that sit atop a gray, stepped classical plinth. The ruin is clad in a new, innovate material called Ecovative, which is essentially mushrooms and hemp grown together to create a strong yet completely organic and biodegradable substance. Thus said, over the course of the year the cladding will uncontrollably collapse and disintegrate revealing the rigid and formal substructure. The overall form of the monument derives its shape from drawings Timothy Hull has done of Egyptian tombs, Greek temples and inspired by 20th century Minimalism. The idea of entropy and ruination spring from my long-term interests in antiquity, tourism and the contemporary relationship to classical ruins.

Timothy Hull has been represented by Taylor De Cordoba since 2007. His work has been included in group shows in Milan, Italy at La Dictateur Gallery, Rome, Italy at the NOMAS Foundation and in Vienna, Austria at Co-Co. Hull also participated with the group K-48 in the collaborative exhibition “No Soul for Sale” at X-Initiative in New York and the Tate Modern in London. His work has also recently been featured in Flaunt magazine, Dossier Journal, Surface magazine and the New York Times. He has also conducted interviews with other artists for MUSEO magazine, Art in America and the Huffington Post. He recently published a collaborative book of photo-collages with Paul Mpagi Sepuya titled “The Accidental Egyptian and Occidental Arrangements.” He lives and works in Brooklyn, NY.


CHARLENE LIU: Everywhere Close To Me

Saturday, June 9th, 2012

April 14 – May 19, 2012

Taylor De Cordoba is proud to present Everywhere Close To Me, Charlene Liu’s third exhibition at Taylor De Cordoba. The exhibition will run from April 14 – May 19, 2012 with an opening reception for the artist on Saturday, April 14th from 6 – 8PM.

In her new body of works on paper and panel, Liu manipulates the medium of paper itself to create a series of beautiful yet unsettling abstractions. Along with acrylic airbrush, handmade paper is Liu’s material of choice and she uses delicately pigmented papers to build her collaged works. Armed with an overtly feminine palette of pinks, peaches, mints and violets, the work oscillates between extreme beauty and the saccharin. Through a process of forming paper pulp into shapes and painting with pigmented pulp, Liu cultivates chance and embraces a stylistic looseness that playfully mines painterly traditions.

Drawing from the everyday of her domestic interior and backyard landscape, as well as, chinoiserie and decorative art objects, Liu repeatedly recasts and collides motifs until their specificity collapses and a new world emerges. Clustered plum blossoms lie tangled in a chain link fence as loose abstract marks float through a celestial backdrop. Swooping and drifting the imagery can’t be contained, pushing through entangling lines and the confines of the rectangle. In the larger works, she subverts by piling up delicate motifs and details until they become dominating, even grotesque.

The combined elements create a pictorial space confounding ideas of ornamentation and desire, high and low forms, figure and ground. Repeatedly, Liu walks the line between celebration and critique, as she moves gracefully from imagery to abstraction. The result is a stunning series of imagined landscapes.

Liu lives and works in Eugene, OR where she is an Assistant Professor at the University of Oregon. Born in Taiwan in 1975, Liu received an MFA from Columbia University in 2003 and a BA from Brandeis University in 1997. Her work has been exhibited nationally and internationally, with recent solo exhibitions at Taylor De Cordoba Gallery (Los Angeles), Elizabeth Leach Gallery (Portland, OR), and Shaheen Modern & Contemporary (Cleveland, OH). Her work has been reviewed in the Los Angeles Times, the New York Times, and Flash Art International among others and is included in the collections of the Museum of Modern Art (New York), the New Museum (New York), and the Progressive Art Collection (Cleveland, OH).

FROHAWK TWO FEATHERS: Studio Conversation

Friday, June 8th, 2012

Taylor De Cordoba is please to announce a talk and facilitated conversation with Frohawk Two Feathers at his studio at the Brewery Art Complex in Downtown Los Angeles.

Brewery Arts Complex
2100 N Main St
Los Angeles, CA 90031