THE ACCELERATED RUIN: A Public Art Project at BAM (Brooklyn Academy of Music) by Timothy Hull and Future Expansion Architects


Taylor De Cordoba is proud to tell you about a monumental outdoor public art sculpture that Timothy Hull has been commissioned to create on BAM’s (Brooklyn Academy of Music) campus in downtown Brooklyn. The piece is titled ‘The Accelerated Ruin’ and he has collaborated with Future Expansion Architects on its design and construction. Last fall, they created a proposal in response to an open call and went up against a panel, competing with over 100 entries and were fortunately chosen to complete this ambitious project. The work is to be unveiled on Tuesday, June 19th from 6-9pm and the location of the sculpture is 651 Fulton Street, next to the BAM Harvey Theater. The sculpture will be visible for a one-year period, so if you can’t make the opening there will be plenty of time to see it.

And you will want to visit it many times because the concept is that the sculpture completely disintegrates/collapses over the course of a year and therefore is in a constant state of change. The substructure of the piece is comprised of over 250 soaring aluminum rods that sit atop a gray, stepped classical plinth. The ruin is clad in a new, innovate material called Ecovative, which is essentially mushrooms and hemp grown together to create a strong yet completely organic and biodegradable substance. Thus said, over the course of the year the cladding will uncontrollably collapse and disintegrate revealing the rigid and formal substructure. The overall form of the monument derives its shape from drawings Timothy Hull has done of Egyptian tombs, Greek temples and inspired by 20th century Minimalism. The idea of entropy and ruination spring from my long-term interests in antiquity, tourism and the contemporary relationship to classical ruins.

Timothy Hull has been represented by Taylor De Cordoba since 2007. His work has been included in group shows in Milan, Italy at La Dictateur Gallery, Rome, Italy at the NOMAS Foundation and in Vienna, Austria at Co-Co. Hull also participated with the group K-48 in the collaborative exhibition “No Soul for Sale” at X-Initiative in New York and the Tate Modern in London. His work has also recently been featured in Flaunt magazine, Dossier Journal, Surface magazine and the New York Times. He has also conducted interviews with other artists for MUSEO magazine, Art in America and the Huffington Post. He recently published a collaborative book of photo-collages with Paul Mpagi Sepuya titled “The Accidental Egyptian and Occidental Arrangements.” He lives and works in Brooklyn, NY.