Kimberly Brooks Gets Meta with the Stylist Project.

KIMBERLY BROOKS: The Los Angeles Times

“Portraits in Style” by Victoria Namkung, Feb. 21, 2010

Fashion stylists once worked behind the scenes, their faceless names relegated to the credit pages of magazines. But lately some have been stepping into the spotlight (hello, Rachel Zoe), gaining recognition for the important role they play when it comes to trends, the red carpet and popular culture.

Artist Kimberly Brooks became so enamored of stylists that she has dedicated an entire exhibition to the trade. “The Stylist Project” opens with a public reception from 6 to 9 p.m. Saturday at Taylor De Cordoba in Culver City, and the fashion world will be watching.

Featuring a dozen portraits of L.A.’s top stylists, costume designers and influential tastemakers, the exhibition includes subjects such as Zoe, Andrea Lieberman, Liz Goldwyn, Cameron Silver and Elizabeth Stewart, who styled themselves for individual photo shoots with Brooks. The artist then spent up to 80 hours creating each painting.

“Painting portraits of live people is a huge responsibility,” Brooks said in a recent interview. “You can’t help but to inhale their energy and the mood, and then you have to translate that on canvas with color and body language”…

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Review of Sasha Bezzubov and Jessica Sucher’s recent exhibition, The Searchers, in Frieze Magazine by Christy Lange.

Do you have one of those friends who disappeared to India for a month to find himself? Did he come back with a beard? Does he meditate every morning? Do you believe he’s found spiritual enlightenment, or do you have a nagging feeling that it’s all a bit of phoney baloney? If you’re anything like me, you can’t help wondering how people from the USA or Europe can buy a plane ticket to Mumbai, visit a couple of places that cater to tourists, and come back swearing they’ve ‘experienced’ the culture.

It’s a subject that’s as easy to satirize as it is to romanticize, and it’s this prickly theme that American artists Sasha Bezzubov and Jessica Sucher tackle in their photographic series ‘The Searchers’ (2006). These intimate, unapologetically beautiful photos of Western spiritual tourists in India don’t aim for conceptual objectivity or distance. Instead, they’re drenched in an ethereal, almost otherworldly light. Each of the titles of the five portraits reveals the subject’s home country, so it’s possible to imagine their biographies. Emily (Australia), for instance, wears the local garb of beaded jewellery and an embroidered scarf. I try to read her face for hints that she’s reached another plane of consciousness, but her stare is both penetrating and empty…

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FROHAWK TWO FEATHERS in group show at New Image Art

Frohawk Two Feathers debuts a new piece in 2THEWALL, group show at New Image Art. On view through March 2.

FROHAWK TWO FEATHERS in group show at Kinkead Contemporary

A drawing by Frohawk Two Feathers is on display at Kinkead Contemporary for the group show “Fuckheads: Portraiture for the Silicon Enlightenment,” curated by Angela Dufresne. The exhibition will be on view through March 20. More information HERE.

CHRIS NATROP in group show at Marine Salon

Chris Natrop’s work is included in a group exhibition opening at Marine Salon this Saturday, February 13 from 6 to 9pm.

His site-specific installation, “Glitterati Swamp Thing” is a product of his ongoing fixation with the Los Angeles River and consists of water color, iridescent medium, cut paper, sting and gelled fluorescent lighting.

Marine Salon
716 Marine Street
Santa Monica, CA 90405
opening: Saturday, February 13, 2010 from 6-9pm

Visitors are welcome by appointment.

If you would like to attend please RSVP here:
T/F: +1 310 399 0294

TAYLOR DE CORDOBA: L.A. Confidential

The Gallerist: Native Angeleno Heather Taylor is part of the reason the Culver City art scene is alive and thriving. By Victoria Namkung

As the Co-Owner and codirector of the contemporary art gallery Taylor De Cordoba – which is part of the vibrant Culver City Art District on South La Cienega – Heather Taylor wears many hats. In addition to discovering new talent and representing LA artists such as Kimberly Brooks, Jeana Sohn, Claire Oswalt, Frohawk Two Feathers and Chris Natrop, Taylor throws some of the best opening parties in town (which are always open to the public). We caught up with the gallerist to talk art, fashion and food.

CHRIS NATROP in group show at Diana Lowenstein Fine Art

Chris Natrop to exhibit new work at Diana Lowenstein Fine Art, Miami, FL. He will be showing new acrylic sculpture and a film in their project space. Cecilia Paredes will be exhibiting in the main space.


“Infinity”, curated by Andrew Schoulz, is a group exhibition of artists whose practices or aesthetics relate to the many facets of the infinite. The Vastness of this concept will be explored through painting, drawing, photography, and 3D multi-media installation. The subject matter as well as the medium will vary greatly. Some artists work may be a more literal representation of this subject, suggestive of such things as mathematics, space, time, technology, abstraction, pattern, or repetition, while others have chosen to address the opposite or “finite”, such as fragility, mortality, the temporary, and even doomsday scenarios.

LA FASHION BLOOM: Angeleno Magazine

“Gallerist-cum-fashionista Heather Taylor hosted a multi-designer installation at her La Cienega gallery to benefit P.S. Arts – spotted were local seam-stars Gregory Parkinson, Jesse Kamm, Clare Vivier, and Wren‘s Melissa Coker…”(Pages: 84 & 86)

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