1. Xerographic transfer prints on wood blocks by Frohawk Two Feathers. Edition of 2. Approx 6 x 4 inches. $500

2. “The Hunter & The Teardrop” by Frohawk Two Feathers (Publisher: Twofeatherspress). A disturbing little picture-book/graphic novel about a hunter who travels through space to hunt and kill the great beasts of every planet he visits. A disquieting moral tale. $20

3. “Wildfire” by Sasha Bezzubov (Nazraeli Press). The hardcover features 64 pages and 32 four-color plates of Sasha Bezzubov’s dramatic series of photographs, taken after wildfires hit areas throughout California from 2003-2007. $60

4. Grace Study, 2010 by Kimberly Brooks. 6 x 8 inches, oil on linen maquette. $1,200

5. Original artwork by Jeana Sohn. These delicate “rock paintings” are one-of-a-kind and have never been exhibited. Ranging between 1″ and 4″ and $50 to $300 in price.

6. Kyle FieldPut it in a Nutshell” (Ahornfelder, Germany) is the first book release by Kyle Field offering insight into his graphical work. The drawings include utterly detailed surrealistic objects, coloured patchwork-like patterns, Japanese looking portraits and sketch-like images. Signed copies available. $35

7. Pack of Seated Boys, 2008 by Claire Oswalt. Approx 12 x 12 inches, graphite, velum, wood & screws. Price upon request.

8. Yours Truly, 2009 by Kyle Field. 5.5 x 6.5 inches, ink and watercolor on paper. $850

To purchase a holiday gift, contact Heather Taylor at

KIMBERLY BROOKS: Angeleno Magazine

Kimberly Brooks featured in the December 2010 issue of Angeleno Magazine.

EATING OUR WORDS: Elisa Albert and Jen Smith


November 24, 2010

Net-A-Porter calls gallery owner Heather Taylor “The LA IT Girl” in their Art Issue.

EATING OUR WORDS: Dana Goodyear and Patricia Tsai


Frohawk Two Feathers reviewed by Holland Cotter in The New York Times, September 24, 2010

“…that leaves only two last pieces to be accounted for, both fine-lined portraits in ink, acrylic and tea by the young Los Angeles artist Umar Rashid, who also uses the moniker Frohawk Two Feathers, and performs as Kent Cyclone. All I can say at first acquaintance is that the portraits, of fictional 18th-century personages from some Caribbean of the imagination, are terrific. If Mr. Rashid is as good a performer as he is a painter, he must be something. “


September 9- October 16, 2010

Thursday, September 9th 6-8pm

Noel Anderson | Adler Guerrier | Arjan Zazueta | Carlos Rigau | David Antonio Cruz | Diane Wah | Frohawk Two Feathers | Jaret Vadera | Langdon Graves | Simone Leigh | Yashua Klos | Felandus Thames

ELSE group exhibition presents a selection of work situated in between the recognizable and indistinguishable. A combination of sculpture, painting, printmaking, video and installation bringing about various overlapping conversations and exploring the way we interpret cultural, religious and personal narrative in a way that gives the viewer a glimpse into something uncanny.

Co-Curators: Derrick Adams + Jack Tilton

JEANA SOHN : Group Show, Bridgehampton

Jeana Sohn has three new paintings in a group exhibition at the Silas Marder Gallery in Bridgehampton, NY on view through September 6.

KYLE FIELD: 2 Person Show, Paris

Galerie Carlos Cardenas is currently exhibiting new ink and watercolor pieces by Kyle Field as part of Stereo Notes: Kyle Field and David Ivar Herman Dune. On view through July 17.

CHARLENE LIU: Solo Show, Portland

Charlene Liu’s solo exhibition Fugue recently opened at Elizabeth Leach Gallery in Portland, Oregon. The series of new works on paper will be on view through July 31. From the Press Release:

The title of the exhibition, Fugue, refers to Liu’s constant repetition of certain forms, motifs, and patterns. Particular visual ideas from past works are woven together, altered and re-sampled, until awareness and a sense of place are lost, provoking a feeling of disorientation. The works hold the viewer in transitory moments; they often refer to abstracted natural landscapes, and the transitional state between growth and decay.

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