JEN PACK: Art Wednesday

“When Harry Potter was young he found out he was a wizard, when Jen Pack was a child, she sensed that she could hear colours. We can’t all be wizards, but we think hearing colours is a pretty cool skill, particularly if you’re an artist and can put it to good use. This colour sense is unsurprisingly Pack’s main artistic driving force and she channels it into making colourful abstract textile collages that are beautiful to look at – we certainly wouldn’t mind seeing one on our walls. To create the collages she stitches together strings of multi-coloured chiffon, cotton and moshi fabric, assembling layers of thread and fabric over one another. She then stretches the fabric over a wooden frame – an intensely physical process that requires blood, sweat and tears, especially if the fabric rips mid-procedure. Once the fabric has been stretched, Pack smooths it out producing striking pixelated abstract works that look as though they’ve been painted – no easy feat. The results are magical – a trick of the eye that bely the way they were made. Perhaps Pack does have wizarding powers too?”

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