Heather Taylor, Co-Owner and Director at Taylor De Cordoba 

Interviewed for Refinery 29.

9 Gorgeous Gals Taking The L.A. Art World By Storm.

What exact duties does your role encompass?
“Everything from planning exhibitions and managing relationships with my clients to opening mail and painting the walls. My normal day involves stopping by Surfas for a latte on my way to the office. Then, I have a quick meeting with my partner Alex and my assistant Lindsay, mapping out the week. Then we get to work — this involves client presentations, trips to the framers, press releases, event planning, studio visits, and client meetings.”

How did you score your job?
“Lots of hard work!”

What’s your most prized piece of art you own?
“A vintage photograph by Helen Levitt.”

What artists would you give your right arm to hang in your living room?
“Catherine Opie, Frida Kahlo, Cindy Sherman, Kara Walker, William Eggleston, and Manuel Alvarez Bravo.”

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