Gallery artist Frohawk Two Feathers is the subject of an article by Ana Holguin for The Idler entitled (Re)Inventing The Past.

… “Frohawk Two Feathers’ commentary on authenticity and archives as it forms in this production of false-ish history is complex, revisionary, and playful. Depictions of these people — people important enough to be enunciated through art and whose renderings are then worthy of keeping as historical artifact — are refreshingly colorful, tattooed, and often outfitted in period costume with nods to modern day urban and ethnically marked looks. Men and women sport bandanas and teardrop tats on their brown (Native, Spanish, African, mixed) bodies while holding the poses of the noble people we overwhelmingly have encountered as white in our historical instruction. In creating these characters, he imagines a history in which people of color make the rules, set the fashions, mark the territory, and though it is no less war-mongering than the stories we already know, the insertion of color in this way not only creates a picture of pride and power where we rarely see one (as in a museum setting) but also critiques the level to which white history has been constructed as Truth.”

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