CHARLENE LIU: Huffington Post

Peter Frank reviews Charlene Liu for the Huffington Post.

Charlene¬†works with handmade paper, frequently lacing it with pigmented pulp. She fashions her deliciously textured material into interwoven arabesques, quavering grids, and, often enough, stylized flowers and other referential motifs. The motifs are as referential to decorative tropes – not least those of Liu’s native Taiwan – as they are to actual flora. Liu’s approach, in fact, collapses several art-historical phenomena, from Art Nouveau to the handmade-paper and handmade-book movements of the 1970s. Rather than seeming coy and dated, however, these buoyant, cleverly composed and sweetly hued confabulations generate a refreshing busyness, a summery kind of energy.
– Peter Frank

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