JEANA SOHN: Sleep Sleep

Jeana Sohn:  Sleep Sleep
May 16 – June 27, 2009
Opening Reception: Saturday May 16, 6-8PM

Taylor De Cordoba is pleased to present Sleep Sleep, a new series of paintings on panel and an installation by Los Angeles-based artist Jeana Sohn. The exhibition will run from May 16 through June 27, 2009.  The gallery will host an opening reception for the artist on Saturday, May 16 from 6-8PM.

Drawing upon mythologies and the vastness of nature, Jeana Sohn paints peaceful scenes that are filled with anxiety. While aiming to express her connection to nature in these paintings, she widens the conversation to the relationship between humans and the natural world in general. Her images are undeniably gorgeous – a pretty, fashionable young girl (resembling a well dressed paper doll) floating amidst vividly colored roses is a recurring image and an appealing one. Yet, the characters Sohn imagines seem more lost than found, more frightened and overwhelmed than peaceful. A girl trying to untangle herself from a seemingly never-ending pile of rope exemplifies this.

It is exactly this tension that makes takes Sohn’s work from the level of appealing to utterly fascinating. And here, the little girl lost theme will be more disarming than ever as Sohn moves away from her traditional 2-D style and creates a life-size paper mache sculpture of a six-year-old girl.

Jeana Sohn graduated from Cal Arts in 2004. Her artwork has been exhibited in various exhibitions around the country and included in numerous publications. She lives and works in Los Angeles.