Simone Shubuck's "To The World" and "Brightest Eye Look," 2013.

“Though her filigree doodles of deceptively innocent-seeming flora and fauna were a fixture on the downtown gallery scene a decade ago, the artist Simone Shubuck has had only one solo show in the last six years — in 2009, at Corbett vs. Dempsey in Chicago. During that time, she married Adam Rapoport, the editor in chief of Bon Appetit magazine; became a mother; oversaw a protracted apartment renovation; and stepped away from her other career as a floral designer. Though she’s slowed her formerly frenetic output, she has continued to privately hone her technique, integrating abstract forms in pure, vibrant color. “My pace changed dramatically; I had to get to a new place in my life,” she says. “Having different identities brought me to a different place in my work.”

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