Mix It Up, by Linlee Allen. April 23, 2009.

West coast bound and in the mood for some tongue-in-cheek artistic bravado? Why not show some support for New York artist Timothy Hull, whose solo show at Taylor De Cordoba in Culver City has provoked a re-emergence of KLF fever by drawing inspiration from the Brit electro act’s smash hit “Justified and Ancient: (What Time is Love?)” The installation comprises graphite drawings, posters, collages, and even a video depicting a masquerade party (filmed whilst sailing along the Nile), and ultimately spearheads the unique blend of of pop mysticism, Egyptian motifs, and ancient mystery. In between snagging the largest Swatch watch collection in North America, the artist found a moment to reflect on the opening that was earlier this month in Los Angeles. “Old friends came, new friends came, strangers and diplomats,” he revealed. “A loose affiliation of billionaires and babies. At one point the gallery smelled like popcorn, and there was a wonderful man in a black beret looking closely at everything, which is always charming.” With the show set to conclude on May 9th, Hull’s next geographic endeavor has already been determined—Greece is the artist’s upcoming destination of choice. Watch out Adonis!

Artwork Timothy Hull

“Justified and Ancient: (What Time Is Love?)” runs through May 9, 2009,
at Taylor De Cordoba, Culver City, CA

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